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Seeking a position with an opportunity for advancement.


2000 to 2003 B. S. in Computer Science University of California, San Diego.
Graduation: March, 2003.

2003 to 2005 M.S. in Digital Communications

Work Experience:

  2013 to present

Lead Programer:
   San Diego, CA


* Architect, develop and/or maintain a client portal.
o Real time bandwidth reporting, power and resource utilization, plus virtual environment management all at your fingertip.

About Scalematrix:
The ScaleMatrix Cloud and Colocation Center is the most technologically advanced, highest density Data Center in the region.
As the only new construction multi-tenant Data Center built in the region within the last decade, the facility boasts ultra-efficient
technical innovations, multi-layered security, extreme density capabilities, and client support services which are simply unavailable elsewhere.

Work Experience:

  2010 to 2013

Lead Programer: (closed) change to
   San Diego, CA


* Architect, develop and/or maintain a variety of open-source projects for Flank and Flank's clients.
* Work and lead as a part of a cross-functional team including programmers, graphic designners , front-end UI developers, search engine optimization specialists, and project managers.
* Work quick and accurate, adaptable and flexible to meet changing priorities and timelines.

Specific responsibilities include:
* Develop functional and technical specifications for projects.
* Scope and estimate development effort for specific jobs.
* Install, configure and build out websites.
* Assist with development of other non-ecommerce sites built on an open source platform.
* Build server deployment script with beanstalk svn.
* Perform thorough QA testing including cross-browser/platform compatibility.

About Flank Marketing:
Flank Marketing started with a simple philosophy: To provide a better than best in class Integrated Internet Marketing platform that is easy to put in place, intuitive in its operation, robust in its reporting, and backed by capable and enthusiastic support that provides solutions before problems occur.
Flank Marketing works with clients in a variety of industries, so we understand that internet marketing isn't a "one size fits all" formula. Using a unique mix of techniques, (SEO, SEM, SMO, and many other important acronyms), we will help you build your web presence, stay connected with your clients, and expand your reach into new markets.

Work Experience:

  2009 to 2010 (1.5 year)

PHP/Java Programer: a sub company of Far Heap Solution
   San Diego, CA


* Create Merlin product configuration tool. The Merlin product configuration tool is an online tool that allows customers to configure products for print to be ordered by The vision for the product is to automate the customization and ordering process of products for the average customer who has no design capabilities but wants to separate themselves with professionally designed products. The templates that the customer will be able to customize will be designed by Art Shop Graphics and integrated with Merlin through MGM ( Merlin Gallery Manager).

Merlin is using the pureMVC multi core framework to help the use of best practices for micro-architectures. The system is also using iText ( a java render ) to render high resolution image to pdf and preserve vector text. Finally, it uses Flex on the front end that can deploy consistently on all the browsers.

Url to Merlin:

* Create MGM ( Merlin Gallery Manager) is a separate subsystem that will allow an administrative user class to manage the templates that will be presented within Merlin. MGM is using cakePHP framework that has manual, API reference, and linked code listings completely sufficient for all needs.

About Far Heap Solutions:
Farheap Solutions ( ) is a technology focused incubator company with operations in software development, manufacturing, printing, and graphic design. Farheap's Corporate Headquarters is located in Orange County, California, with manufacturing operations across the United States and development offices in Santa Ana, San Diego, and Saratov, Russia.

  2008 to 2009 (1.5 year)

Web Programer: ( Sold to Google )
   San Diego, CA


* Design, build, manage and maintain search-engine friendly company websites and web pages (including language-localized pages) using web standards and back-end scripting.

* Work with in-house graphic designer to ensure fresh, dynamic, brand-consistent updates to website in accordance with company standards.

* Build, post and email customer newsletters, working with database engineers to ensure best-practice subscription handling.

* Specify and develop first-class e-commerce experience for domestic and International customers.

* Ensure robust web analytics are in place; provide analysis and recommendations.

* Create unique content to promote company's product(s) across the Internet.

* Design and develop new web functionality as necessary to optimize customer experience, analyze behavior and promote customer loyalty.

* Interface with other 3rd parties or partners to further corporate goals.

About Gizmo5:
Gizmo5, is the largest standards based calling and IM network offering VOIP and IM. Gizmo5 serves more than 6 million consumer and business users with freely downloadable Microsoft Windows and Macintosh OSX software, mobile software for J2ME and Symbian phones and a web based IM solution with callback available at

  2005 to 2008 (3.0 years)

   San Diego, CA


* Build and enhance many website of Geary Interactive clients in Apache, PHP and MySQL.

* Generate XML data pages using PHP (back end) to read in Flash (front end).,

* Create secure contribution pages for Berkley ( she was running for Nevada congress in 2006 ) using
   Authorize.Net and Snoopy.

* Create reservation pages for Sahara and Imperial Palace using
   AJAX and Resnet.

* Create Google API maps

*Create Live Chat Help in PHP.

* Create company extranet for company's workflow.

* Writing PHP class using PHP socket to create Player Integration for Imperial Palace.

*Writing CMS (Content Management System) in MySQL, PHP and Ajax.,
* Create Super Validation interface to validate lead using PHP regular expression and Perl regular expression.

*Validate Credit Card through

  2003 to 2004

Web Developer:
   San Diego, CA


* Build and enhance company website using ASPX, C#, SQL and Apache, PHP, MySQL

* Create employer section, job seeker section, login & logout section and member section
   using efficient SQL query and Object Oriented Programming writing in C# for each section

* Create Shopping Cart, Image Gallery, Forum and Voting using PHP and MySQL

* Optimize SQL Server performance by using Normalize Logical Database Design

Mechanical Designer:
   Private Contractor for Markus Daehn (Software engineer)
   San Diego, CA


* Re-design an advertising trailer using SolidWorks software
* Design trailer that has more than 1000 components with complex 3-D curves and rotations

  2000 to 2001 (2 years)

Software Developer:
   SIO (Scripps Institution of Oceanography)
   San Diego, CA


* Write software in C and Java to convert Raw Climate data to NetCDF (Network Common Data Form.)

* Work in a team of engineers to design an instrument for a small aircraft in
   the Global Albedo Project using Solid Works software.

  1998 to 2000 (2 years)

Science Tutor:
   Mesa College
   San Diego, CA


* Teach students to understand and solve problems in Calculus, Differential Equations and Physics.

Computer Skills:

  Programming Languages:

C, C++, Java, PHP, MYSQL, SQL, ASP, ASPX, C#, JavaScript, Ajax SPARC Assembly, C-Shell, ML, XML, HTML.

  Operating Systems:

GNU/Linux (Mandrake, Red Hat, SuSE, Debian), Solaris, Windows.


MYSQL, Microsoft SQL.


SolidWorks, Acrobat, Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Flash, OpenGL & GLUT, Gvim, MS Office, Photoshop, WS_FTP, SSH Secure Files Transfer, Adobe Premiere, Xilink, Matlab, Maple.

Course Work:

Advanced Data Structures, Design and Analysis of Algorithms, Theory of Computability, Principles of Computer Operating Systems, Computer Networks, Multimedia Systems, Introduction to Computer Security, Compiler Construction I, Compiler Construction II, Database System Principles, Web Server Languages, Project in Computer Architecture, Computer Graphics, Cryptography, Applied Fourier Analysis, Aspects of System Theory.


Tennis, Surfing, Piano, Programming.